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  Placement SAE  

The Managing Work-based Experience Projects Guide (PDF) details step-by-step instructions for this type of project. These SAEs can be:
1. Paid work Project (placement) - involves paychecks or a form of payment for work
2. Unpaid work Project (placement) - involves the investment time for work
3. School-Based Work - involves being a part of a school business working as an employee
4. Service Learning Work- involves working with a non-profit organization in a teacher-approved project 

Check out our work-based learning videos:

 Unpaid experience 14 min.)  (Paid experience 14min.)    

The following SAE Scenario guides define the steps to help manage work experience related SAEs:
(1) Unpaid School-Based Job Scenario (PDF) in power systems illustrates a job experience through a school-based SAE project
(2) Paid Placement SAE Scenario (PDF) in Veterinary Experience illustrates the steps for a paid SAE as an assistant at a veterinarian office
(3) Unpaid Placement SAE Scenario (PDF) in Floral Design illustrates a job for a florist to gain experience
(4) Service Dog project - Unpaid Scenario (PDF) in Animal Systems illustrates a unpaid job working for a chapter service dog project by AKC

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