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The AET believes all students, including FFA members and non-members, should have access to a quality agricultural experience record keeping system. The AET is an annual subscription service for your whole Agricultural Sciences Program. Annual subscriptions run through the fall-spring school year. The AET is not sold to individual students.

Pricing structure is based on the reported enrollment of your Ag Program. Annual cost is for the 2018-19 subscription term. Subscriptions begin the date you subscribe and expire October 15, 2019.

Subscription Tiers      

Subscriptions are based on the size of agricultural education programs, which uses the numbers of students annually enrolled in a program to determine subscription cost (level). 

 1  1-40  $175
 2  41-120  $325
 3  121-200  $460
 4  201-300  $575
 5  301 or more  $730

  Billing/Payment Address
Single Program Subscriptions:
Ewell Educational Services
PO Box 3298
Glen Rose, TX  76043-3298

Group or State Subscriptions:
Hanagriff, Ewell & Murphy, Inc.
198 Pool Road 
Richards, Texas 77873

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Account Manager - Gena Hanagriff
(936) 661-4183
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