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  Lesson 1. Getting Started with AET and Important Terms  
The student will be able to...
1. begin using The AET.
2. identify key terms used on The AET.
3. think critically about their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) project development within their record book.

Lesson Plan      
NameDate AddedSize
Welcome to AET, Lesson One 8/16/2022 1401 KB

NameDate AddedSize
Presentation (PowerPoint) 7/15/2018 108 KB
PDF of Presentation Slides 7/15/2018 252 KB

Additional Resources      
NameDate AddedSize
AET Profile Checklist 8/19/2019 2968 KB
AET and Record Book Term List 7/15/2018 238 KB
AET Menu/Term Quiz 7/15/2018 232 KB
AET Menu/Term Quiz Key 7/15/2018 234 KB
Ag Education Terms 7/15/2018 203 KB
Ag Education Terms Key 7/15/2018 204 KB
AET Financial Terms 7/15/2018 212 KB
AET Financial Terms Quiz 7/15/2018 214 KB


  Estimated Time
2 to 3 class sessions

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